About Me

I’ve been around the block: I’ve been in the administrative field for over 20 years and discovered what I am not only good at but what I simply love to do: assist you and your business! From my days doing secretarial work for a non-profit (a mega church) to being the Executive Assistant to the CEO of a financial institution (even assisting the HR Manager!)…I found the common thread that lights my fire: it’s administrative support!

I’m ever learning: I’m a lifetime learner and truly enjoy learning. Back in the day it was Webster’s Dictionary and Britannica Encyclopedias – remember those? Nowadays, Google and I are BFFs. No really, I’m not kidding. I google everything! On another note, I always had a desire to go to college, so I did and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Masters Degree.

In 2013, while surfing the net, I found AssistU. I graduated from The Virtual Mentoring Program, an intense 16-week course, and learned invaluable things that enhanced who I am and what I was always meant to do.

Since then, I have had the honor of participating in two AssistU’s Internships, where I learned additional hard and soft skills to improve how I serve my clients.

I also have on my team a fabulous business coach, Anastacia Brice! Anastacia is phenomenal, full of love, and keeps this girl on track with what I want to do in and with my business!

I value relationships: I live graciously because I’ve experienced God’s grace. I believe trust, communication, and compassion are important pieces and my goal is to build solid relationships with those I work with. How can there be true collaboration without these key pieces? Well those and laughter too.

I am a focused communicator: I’ve been known as a focused communicator which means I’m strong in the language of listening and I’m usually very aware of all facets of a situation. I’ve taken a few personality tests and have a separate page if you’d like to read more about that.

Take a listen to my interview with Anastacia Brice, Founder of AssistU: 

Like what you see? Here’s how I help those I work with!