How I Help

My Services

As your virtual assistant, my goal is your success and everything I do is designed to support that.

I see myself as a path clearer, load lifter, and overwhelm eliminator.

I take care of things for you, moving them out of your way to make your life and work easier, and your successes bigger than they’ve been before.

I help you with everything under the sun, from replying to email to making appointments, to arranging travel, to planning meetings, to being your gatekeeper, to managing social media, to setting up webinars, to providing exquisite customer care to your best customers, to editing and posting your blog posts, to making recommendations for better processes…truly, the possibilities are limitless with me as your sidekick!

So you know, I work long-term and collaboratively with my clients so that I can really make a difference for them.

I love being a Virtual Assistant and all the ways that I get to support your business.

There are many things I might handle for you through the course of our partnership. I have listed some below, but this is not inclusive.

If you need something and it’s not mentioned, just ask me about it! Chances are that I can make just about anything happen for you.

How I Help:

Communication Management

Are you entangled in messages every day, like voicemail? How’s your email? What about your blog comments? Are you spending way too much time replying and responding to them? Let me handle most of your external communication and reclaim precious time that you can use to do those things that only you can do. And guess what? I’ll probably take better care of them than you do now. That’s not because you don’t want to take great care of them, but because doing it is time-consuming, and you don’t have enough time. I do.

Email assistance and maintenance

Launch Planning/Support

Email Marketing Support

Customer Care/Client Relations

Caring for your clients is super important to me. I will take care of them like they are the most precious people on the planet! What could be better than that?

My super-power; that’s what! In a world where people spend most of their time communicating via text and social media, it’s growing harder to find people who have great phone skills, and actually love to talk to people on the phone. And yet, a voice connection is often the fastest and best way for a customer to resolve issues and feel connected to your company. My super-power is that I love talking on the phone, and will welcome the opportunity to provide that level of care for your people!

Social Media Implementation

Do you feel like you can’t keep up with all the social media activities? Are you spending more time doing this than you know you should? I’ll implement your social media game plan and help post and schedule your content to all the platforms you desire!

Create & maintain social media profiles

Implement social media plan

Community engagement

Social Media graphics

Calendar Management 

I’ll help you manage your calendar by adding appointments to it, scheduling your events and travel, and putting you at ease with knowing what needs to be completed and what lies ahead.

P.S. I’m happy to do this for your life or your work; I simply want to make your scheduling easier for you.

Travel and Event

Travel & Event Planning

Got places to go and people to see but dread booking that flight and making that hotel reservation? What about the logistics for that workshop or seminar that need to be nailed down? Give me the details, sit back and relax while I take care of it for you.

In everything I do, I bring natural gifts to my work; things that are easy for me.

Here Are A Few Things That Come Naturally To Me:

  • Being gracious – it’s just who I am!
  • The ability to see, care and pay attention to how your business works.
  • The ability to listen and turn what you share with me into actionable processes.
  • Connecting the dots – I pay close attention to details and see the how the small details play into the whole picture.
  • Seeing things through to completion; in other words, I like to get stuff done! I won’t dilly-dally around when we work on projects, workshops, goals, and objectives.
  • Details – I definitely have an eye for them!

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