My Process

Let’s Discover

Just so you know, in my business, I have a wonderful conversation process that’s designed to make sure that moving into a working relationship is smart for us both. The process involves three phone calls designed to help us gradually get to know each other and our businesses.

The first call

This call is a brief 15 minute “get to know you call” where we talk about anything but business. This allows us a quick opportunity to break the ice and get to know a bit about one another; I’ve learned that if we can’t easily shoot the breeze for a few minutes, the likelihood of our being a good fit in a working context is remote.

After that call, and if we decide moving forward feels good for the both of us, I’ll ask you to complete a quick, five-minute assessment. A quick scale (1–5) that communicates a little bit more about you and how you work. You simply complete right after our call and I review it before we talk again.

The second call

This next call is no more than 60 minutes and is what I call my “nuts and bolts” call where I find out more about your business, your pains, and your stuck places. I’ll also share with you more about my business and we’ll discuss how we see a VA partnering with you to achieve your goals.

Prior to our “N&B” call, I will send you another questionnaire. This questionnaire will tell me a bit more about what you are looking for in a virtual assistant. It will also help you develop a list of specific administrative tasks that you might want me to handle. The answers to these questions and the subsequent list of tasks they create become the basis for this conversation, or whether or not how I work works with how you work and vice-versa.

We review this together during our call.

The third call

The last call in my process is 60-90 minutes maximum and is the “deeper discussions” call where we talk through a variety of topics, all aimed at our having a successful relationship. These topics include standards, boundaries, communication, problem solving, etc. Often collaborative partnerships fail because these deeper issues were avoided. We’ll focus on our different (and like) perspectives on these topics.

When this final conversation has been completed and we have really been open, honest, and put ourselves out there, we will both know as well as we can (without actually working together) if we are ready to get started.

If we both determine we are a good fit for one another, and we’re both confident and enthusiastic about collaborating, we enter into our new working relationship!

You’ll receive my welcome kit, which you will complete and return.  Then, we go through a set-up process to get things in place for a smooth start, and we’re up and running!

Ready now? Email me at cindy [at] waymakerva [dot] com or call me at 334-699-9636!