What Others Say

Don’t just take my word for it…read what others say about working with me!

“Cindy is a fabulous virtual assistant. She makes it so easy to collaborate–we launched a new client management system (which I have avoided for years!) in just a few months. I could not have done it without her on my team to take that system setup and a bunch of other things off of my plate. She stays connected with our goals and brings a structured approach to our interactions that I really appreciate. Plus, she does it all with the most delightful, kind, and thoughtful disposition. Working with Cindy is a highlight of my work-week!” ~ Flame Schoeder, Coach Flame

“Cindy is such a valuable asset to me! Within only a few conversations she understood my personality, my needs and just where she could be most valuable. Her knowledge of social media, newsletters, blogging, editing and public relations (to name a few skills) allowed her to seamlessly take over those areas of my business and leave me more time to concentrate on creating content. I was skeptical about using a Virtual Assistant but am so glad that I gave it a try. Cindy is a trusted partner and I enjoy working with her!” ~ Stefne Miller, Author

 “Cindy has been invaluable to my brand growth and clarity. She is a Virtual Assistant who is always willing to go the extra mile, excels at what she does, and is happy to propose ideas and suggestions that will make things run more efficiently. She is insightful and timely—two aspects I have valued the most when working with her. If you need a Virtual Assistant who is attentive to details and has a can-do attitude, Cindy is your gal. She is an excellent VA who truly values her clients and puts their brand goals and desires at the forefront of all decisions that need to be made.” ~ M. Shannon Hernandez, The Writing Whisperer

“With Cindy’s attention to detail and timely communication, I have been able to successfully adhere to a weekly blog post schedule for the first time since the inception of my blog. Cindy also handled website updates for me in a timely, knowledgeable, and professional manner, offering her suggestions for editing and clean-up along the way. She also contributed several relevant articles and other references for me to view to gain new perspective on how to solve problems and handle challenges. And Cindy established several effective structures for me, as well as documentation for all of her procedures.”Leah Murtagh, Embrace the Wobble

“I’ve worked with Cindy as I have launched my very first Faith-Filled Annual Planning Experience and hosted my first virtual planning day. She has been amazing to work with because she made insightful suggestions and helped me plan and launch this important event. She is honest, compassionate, knowledgeable, engaging, and open to help with a variety of projects. As I introduced her to any new tools, she jumped in enthusiastically. I am confident that Cindy will support anyone with the type of work we’ve been doing together as well as just about anything she puts her mind to do. I greatly appreciate the support she provided my business and the care with which she treated everything we did together.” ~ Amy Kazor, VA

“Cindy is driven by her commitment to excellence and personal integrity.  Her passion to serve others, attention to detail and professionalism are just a few reasons why she consistently excels! She delivers what she promises!” ~ Rosaland Oliver, Indelible Mark, LLC Coaching & Consulting Services

“I could always depend on Cindy to bring calm to my chaos.  She consistently would offer great and creative ideas to help make our projects more efficient. I’m eternally grateful to her for all the encouragement, wisdom and insight she gave. She is the absolute best for any task!” ~  Sonja B.

 “Cindy accomplished every task and solved problems! Loved working with her!”  Chris B.

Go ahead, email me at cindy@waymakerva.com and let’s talk!